July 20 2007 5:07 pm

Back with 7lbs of explaination

To explain my absence, I'm going to quote myself. I don't feel like saying the same thing twice. "I got burnt out of making comics for a while. I was kinda stressing over each one and deadlines and Photoshop OH MY! Basically, I lost all motivation, and the comics lost all their appeal. I couldn't think of one good joke to save my life, and I wasn't to thrilled about the 2-3 hours I'd spent clicking around Photoshop after the idea surfaced." I am back now, though. If I can get some ideas going. If.

For a while the site's design was all screwed up. What happened was the server I was using to host all the images and the stylesheet deleted everything I had stored on there. So now I'm using Photobucket for the images, and I just put the stylesheet in the actual HTML instead of linking to it. If you didn't understand any of that, the basic gist of it is that now everything is normal again.

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